"Yoga Flow For Golf Swing" by Liang

Proven Cutting-Edge Techniques Customized to Each Individual Golfer

Improve Core Strength, Range of Motion, Flexibility, and Mental Focus

Every golfer's goal is to master their focus on the game, hit longer drives, and lower their scores. Through proven, cutting-edge Yoga techinques, golfers can improve on many areas such as range of motion, flexibility, strength, body awareness and alignment, and mental focus. Liang's passion for both Yoga and Golf have led her to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to create her unique and powerful program, Yoga Flow for Golf Swing, designed to significantly improve all aspects of a golfer's game. The program is tailored to the needs of each individual student, and is continuously improving with the help of positive feedback from students.

Yoga For Injury Recovery and Prevention

Many professional and aspiring Golfers who work with Liang can attest to seeing great results in both their minds and bodies through participation and consistancy in her Yoga Flow for Golfers program. Additionally, Liang has worked with athletes to recover from their golf injuries and correct their body ailments.

Assistance in Maintaining Proper Form To Maximize Performance

Liang’s expertise and knowledge of high performance fitness training comes from her own intensive professional athletic background. She understands the proper body movement, along with utilizing every fiber of muscle engagement in order to reach the maximum performance. Liang is dedicated to each of her students specific needs, and will deliver results in helping them to become better golfers.

Liang’s Yoga Flow for Golf Swing program can help golfers:

  • Increase the range of motion
  • Enhance overall flexibility
  • Build strength & endurance
  • Develop a strong core foundation
  • Correct body alignment & symmetry
  • Improve balance & mental confidence
  • Learn proper breathing techniques
  • Recover & prevent golf injuries
  • Gain mind focus & reduce stress

One-On-One Sessions:

Orlando Golf Yoga Private Lessons
Liang working with Andy Zhang - Youngest Golfer at the U.S. Open 2012


Golf Yoga Orlando Warm Up
Liang working on Spinal Twist Pose with an aspiring Golfer
Orlando Golf Yoga Spinal Twist Pose
Spinal Twist Pose increases range of motion, strengthens core, and stretches leg muscles
Orlando Golf Yoga Spinal Warrior I Pose
Warrior I Pose stretches thigh muscles, shoulders, hips, and warms-up knees & ankles.
Warrior I Pose Golf Yoga Orlando
Standing Pose improves balance and mobility that enables golfers to gain focus and have better mind control.